Rapid generation of patient-derived single cells from solid tumors

Recent developments have the potential to bring personalized medicine one step closer to being utilized in clinical settings. Traditional sample preparation techniques, however, are not robust or reproducible.

In this study, the TissueGrinder, a revolutionary mechanical semi-automated benchtop device, is tested for cell isolation from surgically removed tumor tissues. It can extract cells from tissue in a very quick and enzyme-free manner.
Normal cells of human connective tissue in culture at a magnification of 500x
Pipetting single cells suspension

Reference: Scheuermann S, Lehmann JM, Ramani Mohan R, Reißfelder C, Rückert F, Langejürgen J and Pallavi P (2022) TissueGrinder, a novel technology for rapid generation of patient-derived single cell suspensions from solid tumors by mechanical tissue dissociation. Front. Med. 9:721639. doi: 10.3389/fmed.2022.721639

The generated generated single cell suspension can be employed to create tissue models such as spheroids, micro tissues, organoids and cell printed systems. New cell lines can easily be established for molecular cell characterization and drug screenings.

An example of a single cell suspension of a primary liver tumor processed with the TissueGrinder

Single cell suspension from primary liver tumor tissue 1
Single cell suspension from primary liver tumor tissue - 2
TissueGrinder consumable unit with integrated filtration in standard labware
Benchtop-Device with single-use tissue dissociation consumable
Single cell suspension after centrifugation

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