2021.05.20 – q&more

In q&more, Dr. Jens Langejürgen and Stefan Scheuermann explain how the future of health diagnostics begins at the level of the individual cell.

Faster to single cells using miniature grinder

2021.03.10 – BIOPRO

BIOPRO features the FFX TissueGrinder in their dossiers on Cancer therapy/diagnostics and Disease prevention through better diagnostics.

Keine Moulinette - FFX Company Portrait

2021.02.09 – LABORJOURNAL

In its January/February edition 2021, LABORJOURNAL features a portrait of how FFX is starting up to commercialize the TissueGrinder technology.

Die Gewebe-Spalter - Press release

2020.09.30 – Fraunhofer IPA

FFX commercializes the TissueGrinder technology developed at Fraunhofer IPA – unlocking the door to innovations in personalized medicine.