2024.04.15 – EMBL Advanced Training Center Heidelberg

FFX is very happy to be an industry sponsor at EMBL’s event ‘The mechanics of life: From development to desease’. Teaming up with Rivercyte again, we are showcasing how the TissueGrinder can support medical research and revealing the advantages of our mechanical tissue dissociation for unraveling the units of life when investigating the mechanical properties of cells and how they are associated with inflammation, cancer, and ageing.

Obtaining high-quality omics data at the single-cell level from archived human tissue samples is crucial for gaining insights into cellular heterogeneity and pushing the field of personalized medicine forward. This technical brief presents a comprehensive methodological framework for the efficient enzyme-free preparation of tissue-derived single cell suspensions and their conversion into single-cell miRNA sequencing libraries.

2023.10.04 – FFX’ International Distributor Network

FFX is thrilled to welcome Filgen, Inc. as exclusive distribution partner for Japan!

2023.09.28+29 – Universitätsmedizin Mannheim – Lesser-Loewe-Symposium: Pathology: Opportunities for Newcomers in Science

In a poster session at PONS, Fraunhofer proudly presented the results of a study comparing the influence on surface markers of primary isolated splenocytes for cells dissociated from tissue samples with enzymatic treatment vs. mechanical dissociation with the FFX TissueGrinder

Employing our FFX TissueGrinder with its fast and enzyme-free dissociation of solid biopsies, a team from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL) in Erlangen has created a new, fast and precise method for clinicians to analyse cells in samples from cancer patients without the need for a trained pathologist.

2022.12.01 – Frontiers in Medicine, Sec. Translational Medicine

Recent advances hold promise of making personalized medicine a step closer to implementation in clinical settings. However, traditional sample preparation methods are not robust and reproducible. In this study, the TissueGrinder, a novel mechanical semi-automated benchtop device, which can isolate cells from tissue in a very fast and enzyme-free way is tested for cell isolation from surgically resected tumor tissues.

2022.09.28-2022.09.30 – FFX as industry sponsor at dgfz-meeting 2022

For the first time since FFX was founded in May 2020, we were able to participate ‘offline’ to the Annual Conference of the German Society of Cytometry as an industry sponsor – proudly teaming up with Rivercyte!

2022.09.28-2022.09.30 – German Society of Cytometry

Following this year’s motto “Spotlight on cells: life style and environment”, DGfZ strives to bring together experts from various disciplines for a lively discussion about game-changing technologies and their newest applications.   We want to see you all in Berlin!

2022.04.18 – The Ecosystem Company

As one of Rhein-Neckar’s Biotech-StartUps, FFX knows about the value of a supportive and prosperous enviroment. So we are proud to be present on the latest regional poster of ‘It takes a Region’.

2022.03.22 – MPL

In a fireside chat, Felix Dirla, CEO of FFX, gave the participants of the talent development programme “Light up your career” at the Max Placnk Institute for the Science of Light an insight into the world of innovative emerging spin-offs.

2021.12.01 – WWT

As of December 2021, FFX assigns Worldwide Technologies (S.H.) Co., Ltd. as its exclusive distributor for the TissueGrinder technology in China.

2022.10.19 – bwcon

FFX was chosen as one of three finalists in the category Life Science & Health Care at the CyberOne Hightech Award bwcon.

Now available: Sterile TissueGrinder consumables

2021.10.05 – CUBEX41

FFX’ TissueGrinder consumables are now available in a sterile configuration. Individually sealed in a Tyvek flow pack, the entire set is treated with vaporized H2O2 plasma.

2021.05.20 – q&more

In q&more, Dr. Jens Langejürgen and Stefan Scheuermann explain how the future of health diagnostics begins at the level of the individual cell.

Faster to single cells using miniature grinder

2021.03.10 – BIOPRO

BIOPRO features the FFX TissueGrinder in their dossiers on Cancer therapy/diagnostics and Disease prevention through better diagnostics.

2021.02.09 – LABORJOURNAL

In its January/February edition 2021, LABORJOURNAL features a portrait of how FFX is starting up to commercialize the TissueGrinder technology.

Die Gewebe-Spalter - Press release

2020.09.30 – Fraunhofer IPA

FFX commercializes the TissueGrinder technology developed at Fraunhofer IPA – unlocking the door to innovations in personalized medicine.